One of the most common treatments offered in dentistry is a dental cleaning. This is no different for pediatric dental care and is actually the foundation for a lifelong healthy smile.

What To Expect

Oftentimes, bringing your child in for a pediatric dental cleaning is the first time we meet the both of you. If this is the case, our pediatric dentists and team will walk you and your child through the process and ensure that your child feels comfortable every step of the way. We are happy to work at your child’s pace and ensure all of your questions and concerns have been answered.

Typically, a pediatric dental cleaning includes an oral examination. Our pediatric dentists will take this opportunity to quickly and easily assess the state of your child’s teeth. Our team will also perform a dental cleaning, which polishes your child’s teeth and removes food debris and decay-causing bacteria.

Our pediatric dentists and team may also take this opportunity to educate you and our child on proper oral mouth care. If you have any questions about treatments or home-care habits, we invite you to take this chance to ask us.

Our office is committed to ensuring your child has a positive experience as we help them with their dental health. Schedule a visit with us today to learn more about our care.