Dental decay is the most common cause of cavities in both adults and children. For this reason, we provide pediatric dental fillings to help restore your child’s smile.

What Are Pediatric Dental Fillings?

Pediatric dental fillings are dental fillings used specifically for children and can be applied to both primary and permanent teeth. They can be made from an amalgam material, as seen in silver fillings or, more commonly, in a composite material, such as white fillings designed to match your child’s natural tooth color.

Our pediatric dentists and team will gently clean the area before filling the cavity and reshaping the resin as needed to align with your child’s bite. Once the filling has hardened, the treatment is complete.

When Are They Used?

If your child has developed minor dental decay that has become a cavity, our pediatric dentists may recommend this simple and long-lasting restorative treatment to repair their smile. Used to prevent further complications, such as discomfort, infection or tooth loss, this quick procedure can be completed in one visit.

We are eager to get to know you and your child and help them on their dental journey. For more information about our care, contact our dental office today and schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists.