Ordinarily, children do not need extensive care for their teeth. Normal dental cleanings or the occasional dental filling may be required. However, if you child does need additional care, we provide pulpotomies at our office.

What Is a Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is an endodontic treatment specifically designed for children. When a primary tooth becomes infected and cannot be restored by a traditional pediatric dental filling or dental crown, this treatment, also known as a baby tooth root canal treatment, is used to help save the tooth.

Unlike adult root canal treatments, however, the root of the tooth itself is not removed, only the damaged or infected root pulp that surrounds it. After cleaning and medicating the area, the tooth is sealed and can begin on the road to recovery.

Why Get a Pulpotomy for Your Child?

Many parents may believe that, since the tooth is a primary tooth and not a permanent one, the best option is to wait for it to fall out or have it removed. However, this fails to account for any discomfort experienced by the child in the interim or any negative oral developments that may occur if left untreated. We recommend receiving treatment for your child as soon as possible to restore their smile.

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